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What is Release Day like? AKA "Just for You"

Somebody asked, on one of the author boards where I waste time um, procrastinate, no, wait, gain valuable publishing insight (that’s it. That’s the ticket), “what do you do to celebrate Release Day?”

And I thought, “what is this ‘celebrate’ of which you speak?” Um …

1) Go running with friend and dog (most productive part of day)

2) Sit on couch and refresh book page.

3) Umm … I got nothin’.

So, in the spirit of “Do SOMETHING, Rosalind!”, here is Reka and Hemi’s theme song from “Just for You.” Well, a couple of them. All right, a few of them. I had a GREAT playlist for these two.

1) (Because making lists makes me feel so productive) Aretha Franklin, “Who’s Zoomin’ Who?”

2) Etta James, “Pushover.”

3) And finally: Al Green, “Let’s Stay Together.” Because this is Hemi.

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