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Theme Songs

Falls w vegetation Springbrook

Music and writing are an interesting mix. Some authors can’t listen to music while they write–too distracting. Or they can only listen to instrumental music. For me, though, music is absolutely necessary for writing, for getting my head into the book. And each book has its own playlist, which I start creating when the book starts coming into my head, and add to as I go. Music is one of my biggest writing expenses—and, sadly, not tax-deductible!

(Music and coffee should both totally be tax-deductible. Just sayin’.)

Each book also has its own theme song. I end up playing that song over and over and over when I’m writing the book, especially the final scene. Here they are, in case anyone is interested.

Just This Once: George Strait, “I Cross My Heart” (best country song ever?)

Just Good Friends: Jason Mraz, “I’m Yours” (saw an amateur video of a Maori wedding at a marae, where the bride and bridesmaids danced down the “aisle” (outdoors) to this song. It was adorable.)

Just for Now: Michael Buble, “Hold On”

Just for Fun: Keith Urban, “I’m In”

Just My Luck: Aotearoa Maori Chorus, “E Te Tau” (Kristen & Liam); Clay Walker, “You’re Beginning to Get to Me” (Ally & Nate)

Welcome to Paradise: Clint Black, “Hand in the Fire”

Nothing Personal: Randy Travis, “Look Heart, No Hands”

Asking for Trouble (title reveal!): Travis Tritt, “Love of a Woman”

I do listen to other things besides country music, despite this list! But country songs seem to have the emotional punch that matches the book, and to end up as “my” songs.

So there you go. My theme songs. Whenever I hear one of those songs, that book just floods into my head. (And by the way: “I Cross My Heart” makes my engineer husband choke up.)

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1 year ago

In the latest Escape, “Just Come Over” I would love to know the music playing in the car with Rhys and Zora, Sounds of the heartland, after declaring their love. I have loved this book in particular, each one in the Escape series is so well done. I quite enjoy the additional imagery and sounds you post here to help those of us who haven’t yet been to En Zed!

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