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The All Blacks on 60 Minutes Sports!

Want to check out the Haka, what rugby looks like, and what rugby players look like up-close (Hint: good), how big a deal the All Blacks are in New Zealand, and the kind of attitude that is expected in public from an All Black–even a former one? You’ve come to the right place, because this is all kinds of awesome.

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MJ Guidry
MJ Guidry
6 years ago

I saw this and DVR’d it! I was trying to figure out how I would get it to you to post, but I’m no where near tech savvy enough to figure THAT out. So, I never mentioned it. SO GLAD you posted it. It’s great! Thanks for putting it up!

Mary from Boise

Kate Lattey
Kate Lattey
6 years ago

That was pretty cool, to see rugby and the ABs from an outsider’s perspective! He didn’t mention Richie following Meads’ lead and playing several RWC games with a broken foot, which he told everyone was “a niggle” and which the team doctor was too scared to xray so they just let him play on it – after the cup it was discovered to be broken in two places and had a bolt loose from a former foot injury… ;) Gotta love McCaw. I love the game but I also love the beginning, when they do the haka, and the end,… Read more »

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