Tempting as Sin (Sinful, Montana)

Tempting Sin EbookTempting as Sin (Sinful, Montana, Book 2)

Coming June 1, 2018!

Once bitten, twice shy.

Rafe Blackstone may play the sexiest werewolf superhero to ever melt a woman’s . . . heart . . . on the big screen, but Lily Hollander has already been bitten once by an actor, and once was enough. When she’s fooled all over again, it’s time to put that wayward heart in lockdown mode, especially once Rafe starts aiming his overprotective streak at her identical twin. Lily may seem like the softer side of the twinship, but nobody messes with her sister.

There’s nothing she can do about Rafe being her temporary neighbor in the mountains above Sinful, Montana, or about being forced to witness the least impressive feats of horsemanship known to man. That doesn’t mean she has to let him into her lingerie store, her heart, or any other part of her anatomy. He can just take his silver-blue wolf eyes, his rueful smile, and the rest of his gorgeous self . . . Wait, where was she?

Oh, yeah. Are you allowed to hate your future almost-brother-in-law, if you do it really, really quietly?

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  1. When will this be on audio!!!???

  2. Cannot wait! Finishing up the first in this now. Loving it.

  3. Thank you for this great post Lottie.

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