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Self-Publishing Roundtable--and Me!

So here I was, gulp, interviewed on the Self-Publishing Roundtable. 

I was nervous at first, but they made it easy, as you see. Mainly, they were interested in my decision to stay with KDP Select. It turned out to be lots of fun to do–talking about covers, pricing strategy, and all sorts of fun things. Plus there was a moment at the end where they asked me what my biggest regret was so far, what I wished I could do differently. And I answered, “Not freak out,” which is the truth, and I’m very glad I got the chance to tell the truth.

For the authors out there, whether you watch this or not, I hope that’s a takeaway. All we can do is keep putting our work out there, trying our best to make people aware of it, and trying to remember what brought us here in the first place–that we love to WRITE. The beautiful thing about self-publishing is that we get the opportunity to share what we’ve written with the world. No one thing, no one moment, is a do or die. We’re always just trying things–a new book, a new marketing strategy, a new genre, whatever it is–and seeing what happens. If it doesn’t work? We can try again. No barriers. It’s frightening, it’s overwhelming, and it’s wonderful.

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