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  1. I too, have just winged my way through the Escape series and thoroughly enjoyed all the characters! Not real big on the steamy stuff personally, not that I find it offensive, but it is almost an interruption in the story! I generally skim past them to find out what happens next. I really love the stories of the extended families, both Maori and Pakeha, the wisdom of Koro and Kuia, the importance of the iwi and Maori culture.
    We did the cruise ship fly-by (six 8 hour stops) of the North Island, so it really was just a taste, but enough that I could picture many of the places in the stories. It was certainly enough to whet our appetite for a more extended visit, and these books had the same effect. By Book 5, I was researching various extended visas! (Turns out I even have a desired skill set!!).
    Thank you so much for the excellent vicarious trip to En Zed!

  2. I just flew through the Escape to New Zealand series (even had to called out of work one day b/c I stayed up into the wee hours of the night/morning finishing Just For Fun). These novels have made me want to go to NZ for a holiday. I spent a good amount of time in Aus on work trips and followed up with some vacation time but never thought to make the flight over. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL reads! Fingers crossed that the series continues!

    • Thank you! It really is a wonderful place–as is Australia, I agree. And “Just for You” (novella–Reka & Hemi’s story) will be out April 2 as part of the “It’s In His Kiss” boxed set of vacation romances. And then . . . a new full-length NZ book–which exists only in my head right now! But soon. Couple months.

  3. I LOVED the whole Escape to New Zealand series!! I was sad when I got to the end. I can’t wait for more to come out. Being able to actually see the All Blacks (in the videos on your site) and everything that was mentioned in the books was amazing!

  4. I just burned through your New Zealand series and I have to say I feel like I spent the week in En Zed. I loved them all the romance, the twist and turns and the Maori culture that you portrayed. I’m now just upset that my adventure has come to an end. Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful books!!! If you ever feel the ned to write a few novellas to catch up on some of the amazing characters that you created please let me know because I’ll read those too!! Thank you once again

  5. I have never written a review of a story, but I’ll tell you these books were fantastic! I read them all nearly as quickly as I got them. The intensity of the romance played out was incredible. I also am set on a vacation to New Zealand (I’ve actually reviewed ticket/hotel prices). The entire story line is well written and original. It gives you a glimpse into the actual life in New Zealand and it makes you feel everything the characters are feeling. I hope there may be more “Just for…” books! Thank you for a GREAT series! 🙂

    • Rosalind James says:

      I hope you do get to go. I appreciate your taking the time and trouble to tell me you enjoyed the books. I loved what you said about the intensity of the romance. Thank you!

  6. I just flew through the Escape to New Zealand series, and I hope there will me more. Found them on Amazon, of course, on the Kindle.

    I must say that you are a great Storyteller, and a great ambassador for New Zealand. The books sure make me want to take a vacation there, all the wonderful outdoor things to see and do, the Maori Culture, not to mention rugby. I sure hope your books are read there, too.

    • Rosalind James says:

      I have some lovely readers there, who are very forgiving in true Kiwi style of the things I get wrong!

      Thank you so much for telling me you enjoyed the books. I love hearing that, and I sure appreciate it. I do think there will be at least one more–New Zealand is a hard place to shake. But first, I’m finishing up the Kincaids, because I love them a whole lot too.

  7. Like the other readers, I tried a Kindle freebie, Just This Once, and became hooked on this wonderful series. I just finished Just For Fun and as with each book, did not want the story to end! Please write more “Just Fors!” Thank you, Rosalind, for a realistic glimpse of beautiful New Zealand…. I’d sure love to visit some day!!

    • I hope you get the chance, Debbie! It really is a wonderful place. And I’m finishing “Just My Luck” right now. Thank YOU for reading the books, and for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed them. It means a lot to me.

  8. W. Heatley says:

    Just read the 1st book…my husband is a Kiwi..took me back to when I was learning all the Kiwi stuff..LOL!! Getting ready to get the 2nd book! Check out Taranaki…nice area.

    • Thank you! Yes, Taranaki is so pretty–they have that rhododendron garden there, just amazing. That is the place where I really thought up “Just This Once,” in fact!

  9. Shelia Kaltwasser says:

    Really enjoyed reading your series. Would love to read more on the Rugby players. Thanks so much for a delightful read.

  10. These books have so rekindled why I love to read. We all need an escape and this series supplied just that. My new vacation goal is NZ– and I definitely need to take a better interest in the sport of rugby. My brother has been along time player-shame on my for not paying better attention. Hopefully there’s more books to come in this series.

    • Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed them. And yes, you should definitely watch your brother’s teammates more closely. 🙂

      I’m writing the first book in a U.S. series now, then it’s off to NZ for inspiration–and more books!

  11. Jennifer h. says:

    Love your style and excellent story telling! Now I am trying to be patient for the next one. When is the next EnZed #5 being released?

    • Thanks so much! I’m sitting here right now at 11:27 PM, working on the first book in a new U.S. series. BUT I have my tickets for two months in NZ starting in March–inspiration, you know! Got a couple more NZ books I’d like to write . . . and an Australian series . . . We’ll see what happens. 🙂
      (And if you haven’t already–reviews are super helpful. I’d love it if you’d review one or more of the books, even just your favorite one, on Amazon. If not, though, that’s OK too. I really appreciate you taking the trouble to let me know you enjoyed them.)

  12. Lina Angelides says:

    Rosalind, thanks so much for writing these wonderful books, about my Spiritual home of New Zealand.
    I got JUST THIS ONCE from your Kindle free download offer – I was hooked. I then brought the remainder of the series, again for Kindle and am now reading JUST GOOD FRIENDS which is equally unputdownable!
    I hanker to visit En Zed, and to follow up the locations and music etc. via this site of yours is wonderful.
    I have a constant ‘ear worm’ (song I can’t get out of my head), well two actually, God Defend New Zealand – the national anthem and Pokarekare Ana – I feel I know them word perfect lol.
    Please write more about En Zed and soon – thanks again for a wonderful series – an inspiration!

    • Oh, I know exactly what you mean. As many times as I’ve heard “Pokarekare Ana,” I still love it. And the Kiri Te Kanawa version is gorgeous, isn’t it? The “spiritual home,” too. When I came back the last time after 15 months in NZ, “Aotearoa” was the hardest thing for me to listen to–it gave me such a lump in my throat. Keep me posted on the retreat centre plans. That sounds amazing.

  13. I got the first book free for my Kindle, then bought the other two books. I have never written a review before. But these books were some of the best modern stories I have ever read. I have even checked out the All Blacks online. I never knew anything about Rugby before. I have always wanted to go to New Zealand and these books only solidify that desire. Thank you so much for the books!! The stories were great and the sex sizzled!!!! I look forward to more books and would love if they were in the same locations and included the people already written about. But would buy them anyway.

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