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My audiobooks--tweeted by Audible!

One of the biggest thrills of my writing career so far has been hearing my audiobooks recorded by my fabulous narrator, Claire Bocking. (Three New Zealand books on the shelves, another one (Just for Fun) due mid-September 2014! And the others to follow.)

Last week I got a wonderful surprise in the form of this tweet from Audible:

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Pretty cool, eh. I used to listen to audiobooks for most of my “reading” time. To see myself on a page with Susan Elizabeth Phillips, whose audiobooks I listened to again and again–it’s a special moment. (And if you’ve never listened to any of SEP’s wonderful books–they’re a pretty terrific place to start your audiobook journey. It’s her fault that I write romance–she didn’t put out books fast enough for me, so I had to write my own!)


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MJ Guidry
MJ Guidry
6 years ago

How wonderful for you!! And you certainly deserve it. =)


Mary from Boise

PS. I’ll have to check her out … you don’t write fast enough (Ha, ha!)

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