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Want to hear the songs from the books? Here’s a collection that has most of them:

Aotearoa Maori Chorale, Maori Songs of New Zealand II

This includes (among many others):

  • Pokarekare Ana (the song Koti sings to Kate in the car in “Just Good Friends,” and that Kristen hears at the marae in “Just My Luck”)
  • Hine e Hine (the lullaby Jenna sings to Harry in “Just for Now”)
  • Ka Mate, Ka Mate (the haka best known as the “All Blacks” haka–but it’s the Ngati toa haka)
  • E Ihoa (God Defend New Zealand)
  • E Te Tau (the song Liam sings to Kristen in “Just My Luck”–and my favorite!)

More great music available on Hirini Melbourne and Richard Nunns, Te Ku Te Whe (the definitive album featuring original Maori instruments, with haunting original melodies and lyrics. Spine-tingling. This includes “Homai o Ringa,” which Koti sings in the cave in “Just Good Friends”)




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