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List of Characters, Books, & Series

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Have you wondered how the series fit together? Which have spun off from other series? What characters appear in multiple series?

And the most asked question of all: “Do you have a list of all the characters and their kids, etc., from the Escape to New Zealand books?” Here you go!

The New Zealand Series

Escape to New Zealand:

  • Book 0.5: JUST FOR YOU (Reka & Hemi)
  • Book 1: JUST THIS ONCE (Hannah & Drew)
  • Book 2: JUST GOOD FRIENDS (Kate & Koti)
  • Book 3: JUST FOR NOW (Jenna & Finn)
  • Book 4: JUST FOR FUN (Emma & Nic)
  • Book 5: JUST MY LUCK (Ally & Nate/Kristen & Liam)
  • Book 6: JUST NOT MINE (Josie & Hugh)
  • Book 7: JUST ONCE MORE (Hannah & Drew again/reunion)
  • Book 8: JUST IN TIME (Faith & Will)
    • Not Quite a Billionaire (FIERCE, FRACTURED, FOUND, or boxed set) – Hope & Hemi. (FIERCE is the book Faith is writing in JUST IN TIME)

            – New Zealand Ever After

    • Book 1: KIWI RULES (Karen & Jax) – Karen is Hope’s little sister from the Not Quite a Billionaire series.
    • Book 2: STONE COLD KIWI (Poppy & Matiu) – Matiu is Hemi’s cousin from NQAB series; Poppy is Jax’s sister from KIWI RULES.
    • Book 3: KIWI STRONG (Daisy & Gray) – Gray is a former All Black who played with Drew, etc., from the Escape to NZ series.
  • Book 9: JUST STOP ME (Nina & Iain)
  • Book 10: JUST SAY YES (Chloe & Kevin)
  • Book 11: JUST SAY (HELL) NO (Nyree & Marko)
  • Book 12: JUST COME OVER (Zora & Rhys)
  • Book 13: JUST SAY CHRISTMAS (Zora & Rhys; Hayden & Luke; Victoria & Kane; Ella & Tom)

Escape to New Zealand Characters in Detail

Sir Andrew (Drew) Callahan, Hannah Montgomery Callahan. JUST THIS ONCE. Drew, a former blindside flanker (No. 6) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks, and the two-time Rugby World Cup-winning captain of the All Blacks, is head coach of the Highlanders; Hannah is a marketing executive for 2nd Hemisphere knitwear. 3 children.

Hemi Ranapia, Reka Hawera Ranapia. JUST FOR YOU. Hemi, a former No. 10 for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks, coaches with Drew at the Highlanders. 4 children.

Koti James, Kate Lamonica James. JUST GOOD FRIENDS. Koti was a centre (No. 13) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks, now playing overseas; Kate is an accountant for the Blues. 2 children. Goes overseas at the end of JUST SAY CHRISTMAS.

Finn Douglas, Jenna McKnight Douglas. JUST FOR NOW. Finn, a former No. 8 for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks, is strength & conditioning coach for the Blues; Jenna is a teacher. 4 children.

Nic (Nico) Wilkinson, Emma Martens Wilkinson. JUST FOR FUN. Nic is a fullback (No. 15) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks; Emma is a knitwear designer for 2nd Hemisphere. 2 children. They go to France to play at the end of JUST SAY CHRISTMAS.

Liam (Mako) Mahaka, Kristen Montgomery Mahaka. JUST MY LUCK. Liam is a hooker (No. 2) for the Wellington Hurricanes and the All Blacks; Kristen (Hannah’s sister) is a fashion buyer. 1 child.

Nate (Toro) Torrance, Allison (Ally) Villiers Torrance. JUST MY LUCK. Nate is a halfback (No. 9) for the Wellington Hurricanes and the All Blacks, and captain of the All Blacks; Ally is a climbing instructor.

Hugh Latimer, Jocelyn (Josie) Pae Ata. JUST NOT MINE. Hugh is an openside flanker (No. 7) for the Auckland Blues; Josie is a TV star and model. Raising Hugh’s two half-siblings, plus twin boys.

Will Tawera, Faith Goodwin. JUST IN TIME. Will is a first-five (No. 10) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks; Faith is a novelist.

Iain McCormick, Sabrina (Nina) Jones. JUST STOP ME. Iain is a lock (No. 5) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks; Nina is an international model.

Kevin (Kevvie) McNicholl, Chloe Donaldson. JUST SAY YES. Kevin is a wing (No. 11) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks; Chloe is a ballet dancer and teacher. 1 child.

Marko Sendoa, Nyree Morgan. JUST SAY (HELL) NO. Marko is a blindside flanker (No. 6) for the Auckland Blues and the All Blacks; Nyree is a painter.

Tom Koro-Mansworth, Ella Sendoa. JUST SAY (HELL) NO. Tom is a lock for the Auckland Blues; Ella is a University student.

Rhys Fletcher, Zora Fletcher. JUST COME OVER. Rhys is the coach of the Blues; Zora is a florist. Two children.

Kane Armstrong, Victoria Gibson. JUST SAY CHRISTMAS. Kane is a lock (No. 4) for the Crusaders and the All Blacks; Victoria is a prosecutor.

Luke Armstrong, Hayden Allen. JUST COME OVER. Luke is a retired prop for Paris Racing; Hayden is a lawyer (and Zora Fletcher’s brother).


The United States Series

The Kincaids:

  • Book 1: WELCOME TO PARADISE (Mira & Gabe). Set in North Idaho, on a historical-reenactment reality show.
  • Book 2: NOTHING PERSONAL (Rae & Alec). Set in San Francisco; Alec is Gabe’s fraternal twin.
  • Book 3: ASKING FOR TROUBLE (Alyssa & Joe). Set in San Francisco; Alyssa is Mira & Gabe’s little sister; Joe is Alec’s business partner and closest friend.

Sinful, Montana:

  • Book 1: GUILTY AS SIN (Paige & Jace): Set in the Montana mountains. Paige is an identical twin.
  • Book 2: TEMPTING AS SIN (Lily & Rafe): Set in the Montana mountains & Byron Bay, Australia. Lily is Paige’s identical twin; Rafe is Jace’s brother.
  • Book 3: SEXY AS SIN (Willow & Brett): Set mostly in Byron Bay, Australia, with forays into the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies. Brett appears in NO KIND OF HERO (Portland Devils, Book 2), and features more in GUILTY AS SIN and TEMPTING AS SIN. Willow is Jace and Rafe’s cousin.

 Portland Devils:

  • Book 1: SILVER-TONGUED DEVIL (Dakota & Blake): Set in Wild Horse, Idaho, and Portland, Oregon. Blake appears in FRACTURED (Not Quite a Billionaire, Book 2).
  • Book 2: NO KIND OF HERO (Beth & Evan): Set in Wild Horse, Idaho, and Portland, Oregon. Beth is Dakota’s friend; Evan is Dakota’s business partner. Brett Hunter from the Sinful, Montana series makes his first appearance in this book.

Paradise, Idaho (for once, they’re all actually set in Paradise, Idaho):

  • Book 1: CARRY ME HOME (Zoe & Cal)
  • Book 2: HOLD ME CLOSE (Kayla & Luke). Luke is Cal’s brother.
  • Book 3: TURN ME LOOSE (Rochelle & Travis). Rochelle is Zoe’s friend.
  • Book 4: TAKE ME BACK (Hallie & Jim). Jim is Cal & Luke’s cousin. (Jim shows up in the Epilogue of NO KIND OF HERO.)

Want to print it out? You can do that here:

Rosalind James book series

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