Just Say (Hell) No (Escape to New Zealand)

Just Say No ManJust Say (Hell) No

(Escape to New Zealand, Book 11)

Valentine’s Day, 2018

Even a hard man needs a soft side.

Marko Sendoa isn’t a beach man. He’s not an Auckland man. He’s a hard man. Born Basque, raised in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and bred on hard work, discipline, and getting the job done. It’s not easy for a rugby flanker to make it to age 32 at the top of his game, but he’s done it. Next year is the Rugby World Cup, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be on the field in the black jersey when the anthems are sung.
He doesn’t need a kitten.
He doesn’t need a pregnant cousin.
He definitely doesn’t need a too-short, distractingly curvy, totally unimpressed Maori barista and part-time pet portraitist who fills his house and his life with too much color, too much chaos, and too many secrets.
He’s getting them anyway.

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  1. Katherine Albanese says:

    I just finished “Escape to New Zealand: books 1,2,3. Do you have more books after those, as I would like to keep reading more. Send me name of the books please.

  2. I’ve just finished reading Marko’s story and I think he actually may be my new favourite. Hopefully this won’t be the last in the series because I now feel as if I am part of the All Blacks family and coming from a girl from Oz that’s saying something. They just keep getting better and I love the Audible versions as well really nailed the NZ accent BTW (not an easy thing to do) . I love the little extras at the back of the book explaining pronunciations etc very useful for my next trip across the Ditch it was a disaster trying not to look like a total dweeb last time. I really enjoy the character development throughout the series and that no one character is too perfect. Thanks again and I look forward to you next (hopefully) in the series 🙂

    • Rosalind James says:

      I will share that with my narrator–she’ll be thrilled to hear it. She’s had to switch to Aussie accents for the new Sinful, Montana series. Not easy! And I know. How mortifying is it when you don’t realize that “wh” is pronounced “f”? “Whangerei.” There’s a whole world of wrongness to explore trying to say that one.

      Thank you for the kind comments about Just Say Hell No. I’m pretty proud of this book. It wasn’t an easy one to write. I will keep writing them, but only when I have a story good enough that it needs to be told. I love writing them, and I want every story to feel fresh and new to the reader.

  3. Jen McNeill says:

    I finished Marko ‘s book. Wow. Loved his story and all the goodies in the book. Also, Just finished all audio in the NZ rugby series. I hope this won’t be the end. Maybe another recape story of all our beloved players and all the children they have. I would love to know if Kevin and Chloe have more and even more information about the rugby players extended families. Thank you for writing such great stories with sports, love, compassion and great men.

    • Shannon Holland says:

      I’ve listened to the entire series and this was my favorite book out of all of them. It was the right mix of romance and great story line. I’m not a lover of angst. A little is okay but sometimes it gets carried away and has me rolling my eyes and skipping chapters. I also preferred the change of narrator to Emma Wilder. She made the last several books way more enjoyable. I’ve listened to hundreds of books and a huge portion of my decision to listen is based on the narrator(s). Even if you have a great story, the wrong narrator can ruin the experience. I hope the series continues with a story about Ella & Tom and possibly Victoria and Cane.I look forward to the next one and would love to know if you have plans for another.

      • Rosalind James says:

        Thank you both! And I appreciate that you love Emma Wilder’s narration. I do, too, and I think she did a spectacular job and this and the previous two books in this series. I’m a big audiobook fan, too. The narrator can really make or break the book, can’t she?

        I’m sure I will write a new E2NZ book pretty soon. I’ve had an idea for one floating around in my head for a while now. I love writing them and won’t stop as long as I have a good story to tell. It’s good, though, to write other things in between. I want to keep having something new and interesting to say. More fun to read AND to write

  4. I just finished the 1_3 books of new Zealand love them all looking forward to reading more about this story great reads

  5. Will this book be coming to audible and the secon sinful book as well.

    • Rosalind James says:

      Yes! Thanks for asking. JUST SAY (HELL) NO will release in audio on April 3. It will be up for preorder a couple weeks before then. I’m also planning to have the audio done for TEMPTING AS SIN. It normally takes a couple months after release to get the audio version.

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