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The 1880s


Images of the Palouse

This is the beautiful area where I grew up, and where "Welcome to Paradise" is set. When I visited New Zealand for the first time, on a vacation during my husband's first working stint in Australia, I was underwhelmed. Yes, it was beautiful, the most beautiful and varied country I'd ever visited. But it was like being in the time…

Farmers' Wives Clothes 1880s

In a word: HOT! (And not in a good way.)

Log Cabin Tour

Here's a tour of a log cabin with some of the implements people would use. The ones on "America Alive" are a bit bigger with two lofts and a bit more light, but you get the idea . . . Not very fancy!

Pioneer Log Cabin Video

Think it'd be fun to be on a homesteading show? Take a look and see . . . If you were a woman, you'd spend a whole lot of your day in here. Pretty dark.

1885 Ladies' Underwear

Curious about chemises and corsets? Here you go! A look at ladies' underwear, circa 1885.

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