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All Blacks Hit the Gym

Here's something to make you sigh. At least that's the effect it had on me.  

Oh. Wow. Um. Rugby Players

OK, ladies, can you say "Yow"? I can. And I did! 21 rugby players who are, um, a little bit attractive. Trust me. You want to click this link.  

Why Does Rugby Matter?

Because this. Because 2015 is a Rugby World Cup year. (Which only happens every four years.) Because New Zealand won it last time, and no team has ever won two in a row. Because the All Blacks are the best team in the world. Because Richie McCaw led them to victory last time on a broken foot, and nothing but…

All Blacks--A big surprise for a young fan

OK--How great is this? You have to love their sweet smiles. Or maybe that's just me. :)

All Blacks Sing "Tutira Mai Nga Iwi"

Pretty awesome, you must admit. I love this.

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