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Tutira Mai Nga Iwi--Just Good Friends

This is the Maori identity song that Kate sings with Koti's family in "Just Good Friends," performed here by my son, Samuel Nolting, and set to some of my favorite images of New Zealand that seemed right for the book. I hope you enjoy it!Do you want to know what the lyrics mean? Here you go!Tūtira mai ngā iwi D…

Kia Kaha San Francisco

Want to see an awesome video of the Maori legends of how NZ came to be? Here you go! Created for the America's Cup.  

"Mt. Zion"--2013 NZ Film Online

I saw this film, Mt. Zion, on Air New Zealand last night and really enjoyed it. Set during the period when the Maori people were just first starting to make some strides in the fight for their rights--compensation and return of lands taken from them illegally despite the Treaty of Waitangi. That's just sort of a backdrop to this story…


Want to hear the songs from the books? Here's a collection that has most of them: Aotearoa Maori Chorale, Maori Songs of New Zealand II This includes (among many others): Pokarekare Ana (the song Koti sings to Kate in the car in "Just Good Friends," and that Kristen hears at the marae in "Just My Luck") Hine e Hine (the…


The Maori meeting place—and what to expect and do should you have the opportunity to visit one.

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