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New Zealand


A Kiwi Glossary

Here's a stand-alone version of the glossary you'll find in the backs of my New Zealand books. New Zealand is a funny old place. When I first moved there, I'd hear something and think, "Wait, what?" Their unique words and speech patterns interested (and sometimes amused) me so much. In the interest of not confusing you the way I was…

Hobbit Air New Zealand Safety Briefing

This was my safety briefing on my most recent Air New Zealand flight. And by the way, when you get to the airport in Wellington and are taxiing to the terminal, the sign doesn't say "Welcome to Wellington." It says, "Welcome to the Middle of Middle-Earth." Yep, it really does.

Teat Seal Advert

I keep seeing this advert during the rugby games. Cracks me UP.

Dear New Zealand: Here's What I Love About You

I was recently asked to write a blog post for a New Zealand audience about how I managed to "capture" the NZ character, culture, and speech. I don't know how to write that blog post, because I don't know the answer, other than that I spent 15 wonderful months in New Zealand and talked to a lot of people. And…

Kiwi Skeptics

Many Australians aren't as enthused about New Zealand as you might think. When I was living in Brisbane and told friends there we'd be in New Zealand next, they were, yes, sorry for me! They think it's, what's that word? Oh, yeah. Boring. Full of Kiwi humor, hot Maori guys doing the hongi, and blokey fun. Oh, and a "bogan"…

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