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Two years, 300,000 books: About being scared

Two years, 10 titles, 300,000 books: About being scared Exactly two years ago tonight, I sat on my couch with my finger hovering over the “Save and Publish” button on KDP. It was so hard to push that button for those first three books. Almost as scary as it had been to type the first words of the first one,…

My Writing Process--Blog Roll!

My Writing Process, or, Making It Up as I Go Along Last week, I was asked to participate in a “blog roll” by the amazing Kay Bratt , a child advocate, humanitarian, and the bestselling author of the beautiful, poignant Scavenger’s Daughters series. Kay's new book is BITTER WINDS, and it's here: (Isn't that a gorgeous cover? All of hers…

Self-Publishing Roundtable--and Me!

So here I was, gulp, interviewed on the Self-Publishing Roundtable.  I was nervous at first, but they made it easy, as you see. Mainly, they were interested in my decision to stay with KDP Select. It turned out to be lots of fun to do--talking about covers, pricing strategy, and all sorts of fun things. Plus there was a moment…

"Your Voice": March 2014 KDP Newsletter--and it's ME!

Here's the piece that came out in the March 2014 KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing--for Amazon) newsletter. I was so flattered when they asked me to write this, and so gobsmacked when they actually used it! Amazon has been terrific to work with, and I just want to say right here, thank you, Amazon and KDP. YOUR VOICE KDP Author Rosalind…

What I Did That Worked (I Think)

Since my publishing story was featured a few days ago in the KDP March Newsletter from Amazon, I’ve had a few authors ask me what I did that worked, and for advice on how to get their own books noticed. I should preface this by saying that (a) like many authors who sell pretty well, I really don’t know “why,”…

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