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Escape to New Zealand


Escape to NZ Cheat Sheet!

  How about a cheat sheet for those of us who have trouble remembering the names? That's what a reader asked me yesterday. And I said: What a good idea! JUST FOR YOU (Prequel):  Reka Harata & Hemi Ranapia (35), Takapuna (Auckland), and then Papamoa (Tauranga). Hemi: former No. 10 (first-five) for the Auckland Blues and All Blacks; after retirement,…


Just My Luck: Escape to New Zealand #5 Also available in audio!Also available in German: Abenteuer in Neuseeland!A little distraction can be a wonderful thing.Nate Torrance has a job to do, and the biggest rugby boots in the world to fill. He can’t afford to lose his focus, especially not to a brown-eyed Canadian who pushes all his buttons and…


Escape to New Zealand #4Also available in audio!Also available in German: Wiedersehen in Neuseeland!What if the person who broke your heart turned out to be the only one who could mend it?Nic Wilkinson is a responsible, organized, disciplined rugby player at the top of his game. Emma Martens is a sometimes-scattered, often-emotional, and always-broke would-be designer with a big chip…


Escape to New Zealand #3 Audiobook also available! Also available in German: Nanny in Neuseeland! There’s no place like home . . . For teacher Jenna McKnight, nothing spells “heartbreak” like finding her husband with somebody else--in her bed. Clearly, it’s time to reinvent herself. A new body, a new city, and a new job later, she’s done just that.…


Escape to New Zealand #2Audiobook also available!Also available in German (ebook & paperback): Willkommen in NeuseelandSome bets were made to be lost.Kate Lamonica isn’t Koti James’s type. Too small. Too dark. And heaps too much work. So it’s an easy bet that he can be her friend for six weeks without making a move on her, no matter what his…

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