Tempting as Sin (Sinful, Montana)

Tempting Sin EbookTempting as Sin (Sinful, Montana, Book 2)

Coming June 1, 2018!

Once bitten, twice shy.

Rafe Blackstone may play the sexiest werewolf superhero to ever melt a woman’s . . . heart . . . on the big screen, but Lily Hollander has already been bitten once by an actor, and once was enough. When she’s fooled all over again, it’s time to put that wayward heart in lockdown mode, especially once Rafe starts aiming his overprotective streak at her identical twin. Lily may seem like the softer side of the twinship, but nobody messes with her sister.

There’s nothing she can do about Rafe being her temporary neighbor in the mountains above Sinful, Montana, or about being forced to witness the least impressive feats of horsemanship known to man. That doesn’t mean she has to let him into her lingerie store, her heart, or any other part of her anatomy. He can just take his silver-blue wolf eyes, his rueful smile, and the rest of his gorgeous self . . . Wait, where was she?

Oh, yeah. Are you allowed to hate your future almost-brother-in-law, if you do it really, really quietly?

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Just Say (Hell) No (Escape to New Zealand)

Just Say No ManJust Say (Hell) No

(Escape to New Zealand, Book 11)

Valentine’s Day, 2018

Even a hard man needs a soft side.

Marko Sendoa isn’t a beach man. He’s not an Auckland man. He’s a hard man. Born Basque, raised in the heart of New Zealand’s Southern Alps, and bred on hard work, discipline, and getting the job done. It’s not easy for a rugby flanker to make it to age 32 at the top of his game, but he’s done it. Next year is the Rugby World Cup, and he’ll do whatever it takes to be on the field in the black jersey when the anthems are sung.
He doesn’t need a kitten.
He doesn’t need a pregnant cousin.
He definitely doesn’t need a too-short, distractingly curvy, totally unimpressed Maori barista and part-time pet portraitist who fills his house and his life with too much color, too much chaos, and too many secrets.
He’s getting them anyway.

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Guilty as Sin (Sinful, Montana)

Guilty Sin EbookGUILTY AS SIN (Sinful, Montana Book 1)

Coming on Amazon! November 2, 2017

Some secrets are more sinful than others.

Paige Hollander and her identical twin Lily stopped switching places a decade ago. But Lily’s run into trouble, and Paige is on leave from the SFPD and recovering from a traumatic shooting. It’s not like she has anything better to do, and she remembers how to be feminine. Sort of. Anyway, it’s selling lacy thongs in Sinful Secrets and playing Heidi to Lily’s goats for a week or two. How hard could it be?

For Jace Blackstone, idyllic Sinful, Montana, is the perfect escape. In this town, he’s nothing but a reclusive, black-haired stranger with an Aussie accent and a bad attitude. Not the former pride of Australia’s special forces, not a bestselling thriller writer, and not a man with no more faith in women. Right up until the day a mystery fan starts getting much too up-close and personal, and his neighbor comes back from her vacation with a personality change that knocks him sideways.

Suddenly, Sinful is looking downright dangerous. And the biggest danger of all might come in the form of flashing brown eyes, a rear view to stop a man’s heart, and a wit sharp enough to slice him to the bone.

Sinful could be getting serious.


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No Kind of Hero (Portland Devils)

No Kind of HeroNo Kind of Hero (Portland Devils, Book 2)

Coming from Amazon July 1, 2017

Some men are hard to quit. Some heroes take you by surprise.
Beth Schaefer isn’t just on the partnership track at her Portland law firm, she’s in the lead. Unfortunately, she’s about to fall at the finish line. When she makes a list of Breakdown Destinations, she can’t even manage to choose between them. Which means she has to come home to Wild Horse, Idaho, for her breakdown. She has exactly eighteen-point-five days of accumulated vacation time to devote to it.

Evan O’Donnell’s girlfriend took off when their baby girl was a month old, and that’s just fine by him. His daughter Gracie is all the female companionship he needs, thank you very much. Beth Schaefer’s not even in the running. Eight years ago, her parents convinced her to give him up, and he’s had enough of snobs and women who don’t stick. Evan’s a blue-collar guy from his too-broad shoulders to his scuffed work boots, and he’s nobody’s white knight and nobody’s hero. Not anymore.

But what if Beth isn’t the only one who needs saving?


Beth turned at his approach. Well, everybody turned at his approach. Gracie was making that kind of an entrance. He dumped the diaper bag into the stroller with one hand, kicked the chair out, sat down, and plopped the nipple into Gracie’s mouth.

Blessed silence, except for the thup-thup-thup of a very greedy baby.

Beth said, “I guess babies have their own ideas.”

Evan laughed, to his own surprise. “Yeah. You could say that. They work your blood pressure up like that to make you do what they need.”

“I suppose it’s a sort of evolutionary thing,” she said. “Human babies being born so helpless and all. Not like ducks.” She indicated the creek, where a mother mallard was giving swimming lessons to eight fuzzy ducklings. “Babies are helpless because they have big heads, right? Because of brain size?”

“Uh . . .” He adjusted Gracie in his arm and tipped her bottle up so she wouldn’t swallow air. “Brain size?”

“Their heads are big in comparison to, say, puppies, because human brains are so big,” she said. “They can’t get born as . . . as far along, because a woman couldn’t give birth to them otherwise. It hurts a woman a lot more already than a puppy hurts a dog. Imagine if babies had to be born able to walk. Think how big their heads would be. You’d never get them out of there.”

This was what he’d always loved about Beth. The way her mind worked, the things she said. She seemed so quiet, but she was so damn smart. “I’m surprised you got born at all,” he said, and found that he was smiling despite every bit of better judgment. “With how big your head must have been. So tell me why Gracie has to scream for that bottle. Evolution-wise.”

“Well,” Beth said, “she’s helpless. She can’t get it if you don’t give it to her. She can’t even reach for it and bring it over to her mouth. She has to scream, and her scream has to trigger something in everybody who hears it—not just you, but you most of all. It’s better, though, if it triggers that response in everybody—that almost everybody within earshot is agitated and wants to do something, because a baby’s mother wouldn’t always be around, right? She needs to be able to signal somebody else besides her mom, or she won’t survive.”

That one wiped the smile off. He’d been stabbed in the heart, and she was trying to twist the knife? That wasn’t like Beth. But then, he didn’t know who Beth was anymore. Eight years was a long time.

He looked down at Gracie, at the dreamy look on her face, at her hand rubbing over her hair like the pleasure of getting that milk was so good she had to feel it all sorts of ways, and thought, I might not have a girlfriend anymore, but I made a good trade.

A few seconds passed before Beth said, her voice sounding much more constrained, “I just realized I should apologize.”

“You just realized that, huh,” he said before he could stop himself.

She wasn’t drinking her milkshake. He was looking at his—which was melting, of course—wishing he could drink it, and she was just shoving the straw up and down in hers.

“You should drink that,” he said, “before it melts.”

She shrugged, still not looking at him. “I haven’t been doing so hot at eating lately.”

He remembered that. When she got tense and stressed, she had trouble eating. It had driven him crazy, and then, when she’d been lying around in bed with him, eating a sandwich he’d made her, rubbing her bare legs against his as if she couldn’t bear not to touch him . . . he’d felt like her hero. Her safe place, where she could relax.

Stop that. What was he, the world’s slowest learner? Gracie was done with her milk, and he put her up on his shoulder, started to pat her back, and said, “Maybe you should give me that apology, then, and then you’d be able to drink your shake.”

She took a deep breath, then said, “I realize I shouldn’t have been talking to you like you were still a single guy. I came up to you on the beach, and I know that if I’d been your wife, that wouldn’t have been all right with me at all. For your old girlfriend to be trying to reconnect like that, to ask you to be friends. I’d have hated it. Sorry. I saw you, and I . . . I suppose I didn’t think. But I’ve thought since.”

“I don’t have a wife,” he managed to say. If I’d been your wife.

She made an impatient gesture with one hand. “Your girlfriend. Your fiancée. I don’t know. Whatever she is, I was out of line. I’m sorry.”

Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

JUST SAY YES: Escape to New Zealand Book 10

It’s here!

Some fires warm you up. And some burn you down.

Kevin McNicholl may be a brutal force on the rugby field, but off the field, the star New Zealand All Black is a famously nice guy. His new tenant, though, arouses more than his protective side. She sets him on fire. Pity he’s evicting her.

Every woman deserves her dreams. Chloe Donaldson can’t afford dreams, so she’s given them up. Marriage, her ballet career, and now, her beautiful tower apartment with its view of the sea. Her new landlord is kicking her out, along with her three-year-old son.

She should hate him. But when a man looks at you like that, it’s so easy to lose your focus.

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This is the book readers have been asking for almost since the beginning. Ever since Drew asked Kevin to look after Hannah until he could make it to the bar, people have been emailing me and asking when I was going to write Kevin’s story. I promised it two years ago, and then I went and wrote Faith and Will’s book instead! It took me a while to think it up, but I finally did, and it’s good. It’s Chloe and Zavy and Kevin, and everybody gets a family.

I want to thank you all very much for all your input along the way as I wrote this book with your help. It was very interesting to read all the comments. And: we’ve got a BOOK!




Silver-Tongued Devil


Silver-Tongued Devil (Portland Devils, Book 1)

No more wild rides. No more wild side.

Blake Orbison’s pro football career with the Portland Devils may have come crashing to an end, but not calling the signals anymore just gives him more time to devote to his business enterprises, including the latest and greatest: the opening of the Wild Horse Resort in scenic north Idaho. And that other one, too. Blake’s on the marriage track now, and he’s got a game plan. But when he runs into a trespasser leaping from his shoreline boulders into his lake, what’s a good ol’ boy to do but strip down and join her?

Dakota Savage is nobody’s temporary diversion, least of all the man responsible for her family’s semi-desperate circumstances. Some people may think she has a piercing too many, but she’s had more than enough of being called trash in this town. She’s come home to Wild Horse to run her stepfather’s painting business, and any extra time she has goes into creating her stained glass. An overpaid, entitled, infuriating NFL quarterback is no part of her life plan, no matter how sweet he talks. No matter how slow he smiles. No matter what.

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Yes, it’s a new series, because as soon as I wrote Blake into FRACTURED, he wormed his way into my brain and insisted I tell his story. Then I thought up Dakota, and THEN I thought up this secondary romance that is so amazing, and . . . that was it. I was writing this book. 

Some people asked for a picture of Blake. Here you go . . . not too bad!

Blake photo 1 








And what’s the book like? Well . . . a bit like this.

FOUND (Not Quite a Billionaire)

Found Sml

FOUND (Not Quite a Billionaire, Book 3)

What do you do when you lose Hope? You get her back.

I’d lived my life according to two principles: discipline and control. Until now. There’s that phrase, though, isn’t there. “How’s that working out for you?” The answer, when it came to Hope Sinclair, was, “not so well.” She might be little, she might be sweet, and she might be young, but if I’d thought she’d be compliant anywhere but in bed, I’d learned my lesson.

To keep her, I had to let her go. To hold her, I had to turn her loose. To have her in my life, I had to accept that she was nine thousand miles away from me in New Zealand, in my grandfather’s house in Katikati, surrounded by the loving members of my Maori whanau and much too close to the not-so-loving ones.

All of that was killing me. On the other hand, I thought it might be working, so I was going to do it. No matter what.

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FRACTURED (Not Quite a Billionaire)

FracturedFRACTURED (Not Quite a Billionaire, Book 2)

What do you do with a person who’s out of control and won’t listen to reason? Especially if that person might be you?

When I’d taken Hope Sinclair and her sister to New Zealand to meet my grandfather, I’d known I’d be making the return journey as her husband. I hadn’t reckoned, though, on the demons of my past coming back to threaten every assumption I’d made about my future. And, as always, I hadn’t reckoned on Hope.

 I had hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of employees to tell me I had better judgment and more self-discipline than most people, and neither my iron self-control nor anything else I owned had been won the easy way. That was why I was a New Yorker with a penthouse and a fashion empire instead of a dirt-poor Maori boy with too much tattoo, too many muscles, two alcoholic parents, and not much more. So why did Hope continually dig in her heels and refuse to go along with my perfectly rational pl­­­ans? And why did I keep compromising?

Because I couldn’t resist her, couldn’t say no to her, and couldn’t stand to see her unhappy, that was why.  And there’s more than one way to bring a strong man to his knees.

Note: This is a full-length novel with a cliffhanger that will be resolved in Part 3, the last part, coming in August 2016. It contains one Maori multimillionaire with control issues, one fierce blonde with a mind of her own, and some very dirty loving. 

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Take Me Back (Paradise, Idaho)

Take Me Back

TAKE ME BACK (Paradise, Idaho, Book 4

Coming February 28, 2017  from Montlake Romance

Hallie Cavanaugh’s late father just left her millions of reasons to stay away from Jim Lawson, deputy sheriff of Paradise, Idaho, and the man who broke her heart fourteen years ago. Hallie has worked hard for independence, but she can’t dismiss a massive inheritance, even if she has to follow her father’s manipulative terms to get it. How hard can it be to spend six months back in Paradise—and not sleep with her old flame?

Former Army Ranger Jim just wants to do his job, raise his daughter…and resist the gorgeous, redheaded reminder of his bad-boy past. Their one unforgettably hot night together had major consequences, and now there’s a fortune and a family legacy at stake. But when Hallie is threatened amid a storm of uncovered secrets and conflicted loyalties, protecting her becomes more than a duty: it’s a deeply personal fight Jim’s heart won’t let him lose.

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What kind of book is it? It’s this kind. Sexy, sweet, suspenseful, and, yes, it’s got some tears in it, too. Except that Jim is . . . well, he’s not a teenager anymore, that’s for sure. You could say he’s got some hard edges, and you could also say he’s rock-solid. I think he’s pretty great. I hope you will, too.


Just Stop Me (Escape to New Zealand)

Just Stop MeJUST STOP ME (Escape to New Zealand, Book 9)

Now available on Amazon– Read for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Sometimes you have to run away to find yourself.

Lots of young women dream of being a princess. Nina Jones isn’t one of them. After escaping from her palace/prison by burying herself under sacks of fertilizer, she ends up in a beach cottage on New Zealand’s South Island. She’s meant to be looking after a cantankerous widower. Too bad she doesn’t know how to boil an egg.

Iain McCormick may be an All Black, a member of New Zealand’s elite rugby team, and a bona fide celebrity. During the offseason, though, he’s meant to be a regular Kiwi bloke. A good son, a good neighbor, and a good citizen. But civility comes harder when you’ve been dumped at the altar. He doesn’t need anybody he has to look out for. He definitely doesn’t need to fall in love.

Yeah, right.

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Want to get an idea what this book’s like? Here you go. These are The Black Seeds, who have the added benefit of being an awesome New Zealand band, doing their thing.