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Just Good Friends: 60,000 Downloads!

Well, that was pretty cool. My promo for Just Good Friends ended up being my second-most-successful ever: over 60,000 copies downloaded in five days, and it spent more than 24 hours at #1 in the Free store on Amazon. I don't know why it should feel so good to give your work away free, but it does. Thanks to everyone…

Russell, Bay of Islands

Want to see what some of the places in "Just for You" might look like? Here you go. I spent a week there, in Russell in the Bay of Islands, on a sort of writer's retreat, working on "Just My Luck." I knew I would end up setting a book here someday, and--I did! The picture you saw before you…

Coping With Rejection

I wrote this Guest Post for my current blog tour (Welcome to Paradise). This one is for the writers out there. “Dear Author: Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately . . .” And your heart sinks again. You tell yourself that Gone With the Wind was rejected 38 times. That over a hundred publishers turned down Meg Cabot’s The Princess…

90-Mile Beach and Cape Reinga

Up 90-Mile Beach from Ahipara, all the way to Cape Reinga and back. Recognize any of these sites from "Just for You"?      

I Hated This Book! Or, Coping With Negative Reviews

This is one of the most common issues on writers' forums. And that's kind of surprising, isn't it? I mean, surely writers know that, once you put your book out there, it isn't "yours" anymore. The power has shifted to the reader, and every reader has an individual response. You can't sit with them, looking over their shoulders as they…

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