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Why I Don't Respond to Reviews

You wouldn't think that "should I respond to a reader review?" would be a topic for discussion anymore, but it still comes up all the time on writers' forums. There seems to be a movement now among some authors to go ahead and respond to readers' comments on Amazon, Goodreads, etc., whether positively ("Thanks for the awesome review!") or negatively…

Creating Your Book Cover

So you've written a terrific book. You've edited and polished it to a fare-thee-well, and are ready to send it out into the Big World. But first, it needs a--gulp--cover. Oh, well. People aren't buying the cover, they're buying the writing, right? You can just do it yourself, right? After all, you're pretty artistic. Right? Wrong. Everybody is going to…

From Zero to 109,000 in 12 Months: KDP Select and Me

One year in! Wrote a press release today. It's a bit of an unpaid ad for Amazon, but hey. Amazon is heaven's gift to writers in my experience. So, thank you, Amazon, and here's my heartfelt hooray for KDP Select!

Car Trouble!

If my car were really positioned like this, I'd really be in trouble. It isn't. It's my software. So there I was yesterday, in the middle of a road trip from Chico to Truckee, researching my new "Kincaids" book. Everything going swimmingly, book thoughts racing through my brain, getting that urge to start writing the book that means, well, that…

One Year In: Reflections on a Roller-Coaster Ride

A year ago today, I finished “Just for Now: Escape to New Zealand,” my third book, with a sigh of happiness. Here’s what else was happening that day: 1)   I was sick. And in pain. And getting ready to spend a week in the hospital, get a 9" scar down the center of my abdomen--goodbye, two-piece swimsuits—and find out whether…

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