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What I Did That Worked (I Think)

Since my publishing story was featured a few days ago in the KDP March Newsletter from Amazon, I’ve had a few authors ask me what I did that worked, and for advice on how to get their own books noticed. I should preface this by saying that (a) like many authors who sell pretty well, I really don’t know “why,”…

My Third Kindle Bestseller! "Nothing Personal"

Just in time for Valentine's Day--my Kindle Countdown deal on "Nothing Personal"! 99 cents until February 15 only. And if you want to hear the theme song for this one--here it is. Randy Travis, "Look Heart, No Hands." (Update: it got to #34 on Amazon, stayed in the Top 100 for four days! Yay!)

How to Write a (Romance) Blurb

As some folks know, I spent my misguided youth—all right, all right, my misguided middle age—as a copywriter. Which means that writing blurbs for my books was a piece of cake, right? Wrong. I had to learn how to do it, because writing one type of copy isn’t the same as writing another. But maybe it was a little easier…

My Second Bestseller--Holy COW

So I pushed the button on my first Kindle Countdown deal the other day with much trepidation. "Free" had been so good to me--what was I doing messing with it? I am SO GLAD I made that decision. Last night, "Just for Now" got to, and I can hardly believe this, #32 in the Kindle store. Phew. I was just…

When You Wish Upon a Star...

Or, following your dreams. I never really believed in this, because life pretty much taught me the opposite: put your head down, keep working hard, keep saving for that rainy day, because that rainy day was coming. And some of that's natural. When you're raising children, you don't really have the luxury of "following your bliss." I've always been amazed…

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