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What Makes a Book Re-Readable?

I answered a survey from Amazon Crossing today (my German publisher). One of the questions they asked was, “As an author, which of these are most and least important to you”? About ten items followed—such things as “making a living,” “artistic/creative expression,” “connecting with readers,” “professional recognition,” etc. It was pretty easy for me to choose my “most important. “…

What Am I Working On?

Well, you know what--I'm writing JUST IN TIME, which will be the full-length Escape to New Zealand book included in SWEET TALK, the Brenda Novak boxed set! (Which will be up for two months only, May & June. After that, JUST IN TIME will be available separately.) What is JUST IN TIME? Well, it's actually Will's story. Will Tawera thought…

Beautiful New Zealand

Hubby took this picture a few years ago. Want to see more? Check out one of the most gorgeous collections of New Zealand images I've ever seen. "Is it really this beautiful?" people will ask. Or are there just pretty places, and the rest of it is nondescript? No. It's really this beautiful.  When I went there the first time…

A Kiwi Glossary

Here's a stand-alone version of the glossary you'll find in the backs of my New Zealand books. New Zealand is a funny old place. When I first moved there, I'd hear something and think, "Wait, what?" Their unique words and speech patterns interested (and sometimes amused) me so much. In the interest of not confusing you the way I was…

Auszeit in Neuseeland--Bestseller in Germany!

Well, THIS is awfully exciting. As of today, AUSZEIT IN NEUSEELAND, the German edition of JUST THIS ONCE, will have been on the bestseller list in the German Kindle store for 8 days! What you see here is my German translator, Antje Papenburg, holding the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair last month. Doesn't she look a little bit like…

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