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Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise

Book 4: Portland Devils

The devil doesn’t come with pointy horns and a tail. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.

When discipline is your life, structure’s a good thing, and Owen Johnson’s got plenty of both. An All-Pro NFL center who’s also a cattle rancher? Yeah, that’s structure. His marriage didn’t work out, but then, he picked the wrong woman. A Wyoming ranch doesn’t look nearly as romantic up close. Not to a model, anyway. Next time, he’ll choose better.

Not, for example, a nineteen-year-old ball of fire like Dyma Cardello, who’s just starting on her own journey. To become an astronautical engineer. After about five years of schooling. Which she’s focused on like, well, a rocket.

Did he mention that he owns a cattle ranch, and she’s a vegetarian? That he’s on the road half the time, and the other half, he’s in Wyoming? That she’s in no way interested in becoming a Good NFL Girlfriend? That it’s getting harder and harder to tell her no? Oh—and that his teammate and closest friend is marrying her mother?

Wait until the press gets hold of that one.

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