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Book 1: Not Quite A Billionaire

I never asked Hemi Te Mana to rescue me.

It was true that I had a lousy job. Not to mention a lousy apartment and way too much responsibility, although it was a responsibility I wouldn’t have given up for the world. That still didn’t mean I needed rescuing, if that was what you’d call the situation I ended up in.

And anyway, I knew that a multimillionaire Maori CEO with too many muscles, a tribal tattoo, and a take-no-prisoners attitude was way, way out of my league.

So, no, I didn’t ask him to, but he rescued me anyway. Because Hemi was fierce. But you know what I found out? So was I.

» Excerpt: Fierce

A note from Rosalind ...

What is this? It’s the first in my new series–AND it’s the story-within-a-story that Faith is writing in JUST IN TIME (Escape to New Zealand, Book 8).

It was such an interesting challenge to write not only my book, but Faith’s book–the book where she could express her feelings about Will. Hemi’s my hero, but he’s Faith’s, too–not to mention Hope’s! It was all a little schizophrenic, but so much fun.

And this, for some reason, is the theme song. It should be something darker and, well, fiercer–but instead, this was the song that kept running through my head as I was finishing it. I guess the point is, Hemi gets happy and learns what matters, and loves Hope so much. Al Green, L-O-V-E.

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