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Just Say Yes

Just Say Yes

Book 10: Escape to New Zealand

Some fires warm you up. And some burn you down.

Kevin McNicholl may be a brutal force on the rugby field, but off the field, the star New Zealand All Black is a famously nice guy. His new tenant, though, arouses more than his protective side. She sets him on fire. Pity he’s evicting her.

Every woman deserves her dreams. Chloe Donaldson can’t afford dreams, so she’s given them up. Marriage, her ballet career, and now, her beautiful tower apartment with its view of the sea. Her new landlord is kicking her out, along with her three-year-old son.

She should hate him. But when a man looks at you like that, it’s so easy to lose your focus.

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A note from Rosalind ...

This is the book readers have been asking for almost since the beginning. Ever since Drew asked Kevin to look after Hannah until he could make it to the bar, people have been emailing me and asking when I was going to write Kevin’s story. I promised it two years ago, and then I went and wrote Faith and Will’s book instead! It took me a while to think it up, but I finally did, and it’s good. It’s Chloe and Zavy and Kevin, and everybody gets a family.

I want to thank you all very much for all your input along the way as I wrote this book with your help. It was very interesting to read all the comments. And: we’ve got a BOOK!

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