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Just In Time

Just In Time

Book 8: Escape to New Zealand

What happens in Vegas…

Will Tawera doesn’t do commitment, except on the rugby field. Moving to Las Vegas to become a kicker for the NFL would be a big change from New Zealand rugby, but then, he’s ready for a change. And when he’s asked to do a little modeling on the side? Thousands of dollars to hold a beautiful blonde while looking dark, dangerous, tattooed, and Maori? He could do that.

Faith Goodwin doesn’t do dark, dangerous men. Especially not when they make her laugh, take her miniature golfing with four-year-olds, and are far too sexy and sweet for comfort. But when Will finds himself in hot water back in New Zealand, who’s he going to call? And who would be able to resist answering?

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A little Extra ...

This is the theme song, which is odd, because it’s a funny, sweet, light book, and yet…at the end, this is the song I was playing over and over, the song that resonated. It COULD make you cry at the end, I think. (It made hubby cry. Twice.)

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