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Q&A with Audie-nominated narrator Claire Bocking

What goes into creating an Audie-nominated audiobook? Readers talked to Claire Bocking, the Audie-nominated narrator of the Escape to New Zealand series, to find out. From Rosalind James’s Facebook page, April 2015. Some content has been edited for clarity and organization. Q: Will you be going to New York for the Audie awards? A: Aw, I WISH! My baby girl…

What Makes a Book Re-Readable?

I answered a survey from Amazon Crossing today (my German publisher). One of the questions they asked was, “As an author, which of these are most and least important to you”? About ten items followed—such things as “making a living,” “artistic/creative expression,” “connecting with readers,” “professional recognition,” etc. It was pretty easy for me to choose my “most important. “…

Just This Once Nominated for an Audie!

How the heck did this happen? My New Zealand rugby romance, "Just This Once" just received one of five nominations in the Romance category for an Audie award! The nominees are:- The Bridges of Madison County (Robert James Waller; read by Stephen O'Hare and Kelly Pasquale) - Burn for Me (Ilona Andrews; read by Renne Raudman) - First Love (James…

All Blacks Hit the Gym

Here's something to make you sigh. At least that's the effect it had on me.  

Oh. Wow. Um. Rugby Players

OK, ladies, can you say "Yow"? I can. And I did! 21 rugby players who are, um, a little bit attractive. Trust me. You want to click this link.  

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