web-Rosalind-James_rectangle_webI met my husband Rick at UC Berkeley when I was 21, so I really do believe in True Love and Happily Ever After—which helps a lot in writing about them! We renewed our vows a few years ago with the help of our two grown sons.  Our home base when we’re not having our own adventures is in Berkeley, California, where the summers are foggy and the food shopping is the greatest.

WHY NEW ZEALAND: My husband’s job as an engineer, and mine as a marketing consultant, have given us the opportunity to live in many different wonderful places in the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand. During the latest stint, 15 months living and working in Auckland, I fell in love with New Zealand: the beauty and diversity of the landscape (not to mention the seascapes), the Maori culture and its integration into the country’s life, and, perhaps more than anything, the people: modest, good-humored, unfailingly polite and hospitable, and so very funny.  I wanted to share what I loved so much about the country with everyone I knew—and didn’t know!

THE BOOKS: We had traveled to Wellington to watch the final of the Rugby World Cup in a pub as the start of a North Island holiday. I was absolutely overwhelmed by the intensity of All Black fever that gripped the entire nation during the World Cup, and the stature of the players themselves at all times. I had never seen anything remotely like it. I started wondering what it would be like to be so intensely admired and instantly recognizable in a country that has zero tolerance for bad behavior—and how hard it would be to find the right partner in that kind of spotlight. And that is where JUST THIS ONCE was born—walking through the rhododendron gardens of Mt. Taranaki, two days after the World Cup final. Writing that first page was terrifying, but within weeks, I knew that I’d finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.


  1. I just wanted to write and thank you for your books. I have enjoyed them all so much, especially the NZ series. I reread them often, and every time you come out with a new NZ one I reread my favorites. Which are pretty much all of them, I just finished Just Stop Me and Just Say Yes and all I can say is that they are now 2 more favorites. I hope you continue to write the NZ series. I think my heart would break if I heard that you were done with it. I also love reunion NZ books because they allow us to catch up with our favorites and see what is happening in their lives. I hope to go to NZ sometime in the next year so that I can see first hand what you have written about. I’m very thankful that you did take that risk and wrote your first book and decided to self publish it.

    • Rosalind James says:

      Oh, thank you! I do love writing those books. There is something really special about New Zealand, and writing other things in between keeps the stories fresh for me. And thank you for the comments about taking the risk. It was awfully scary, but it’s been a wonderful journey.

  2. Cheryl Len says:

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE everyone of the books in your Escape to New Zealand series. I love how you describe the rugby and All Blacks. It alleviates some of my “homesickness” for South Africa – where I lived for 3 years (2008-2011). It was there that I became a fan of rugby, and became familiar with all the teams.

    Being an American also, I had minimal familiarity with the sport, and never liked football here in the States. So I was skeptical about watching the sport. Well! The bodies of the rugby players were a lot more “interesting” than those of the football players here in the U.S.!

    My (South African) sister-in-law made sure I saw the Haka and the All Blacks shortly after we (my South African husband and I) arrived in ZA in 2008. I was engaged immediately!

    Discovering your books has been a wonderful experience. Not only have I enjoyed the romance and sex (!), but the rugby makes it even better. Since I understand (most of) the terms, the “scrum”, and some of the game, the details you share have educated me even more of the schedules, sacrifices, and high points in the lives of rugby players, and their wives.

    BTW…. I am a 61 yr. old psychologist, and grandmother of 2 little ones (4 & 1-1/2).. It’s great to find a series that makes me want to find and read “the next one” as soon as I finish each book.

    Keep ’em coming!

    • Rosalind James says:

      I love this! Thank you! I know–once you see the All Blacks doing the haka, it’s hard not to become a fan. And New Zealand rugby is extra-special (though I hear South African rugby is, too!)

  3. Glenna Pierce says:

    I just wanted you to know that I love your books! I am a 65 year old Grandmother and the basics to your books make me think of my own relationship,with my wonderful husband! We may not be as energetic as the couples in the books, but we still love each other as passionately as your characters do, if not as often as they do!! We have been married for 44 years – perfection all the time? NO!!! But it’s the difficult times that cement your time together. Thanks again – you have nailed the importance of a relationship! More power to your writing. Glenna.

    • Rosaind James says:

      Glenna–thank you! I couldn’t agree more about marriage. So glad to hear about your 44 years together!

  4. Hi!
    I just wanted to tell you that I love your books and the way you describe NZ, so much that I just bought my ticket to see this wonderful place!!!!! (I’m So EXCITED! !)
    While reading your booking I started to look up for all the places that you mention and they are so leovely that I need to see them.
    I haven’t finished reading your books, so ill go now and countine on that 🙂

    • Rosalind James says:

      Hi Sonia–Thank you!
      How exciting that you’ve bought your ticket. I hope you have a wonderful time–I’m sure you will!
      Best, Rosalind

  5. Carol H. says:

    Your books are a joy to read-finishing them a jolt, as they are worlds I hate to leave. More, please!

    • My goodness–thank you! FIERCE, Faith’s book sort-of-kind-of about Will, comes out in about 8 days. I hope you’ll consider reading it! A little different, but a fun adventure! Fun to write as Faith about Will, and as me, too. (Faith feels like a real person, and I kept remembering that it was “her” book. Very strange!)

  6. I absolutely LOVE your books and they have made me put New Zealand on my “must go to” list. 🙂
    I can’t WAIT for more books!!

    • Wow, thank you, Jennifer! Should be five more coming between May and December this year–I’ve been a busy bee! (Working on #3 now. 🙂 ) First two: JUST IN TIME (Escape to NZ novel–In Brenda Novak’s SWEET TALK, up for pre-order now; releasing May 1), and CARRY ME HOME (Paradise, Idaho), coming from Montlake Romance on June 16. I can’t wait myself–writing ahead is killing me! Right now I’m writing a killer book, HOLD ME CLOSE–but it won’t be out until December. OH, dear….

  7. I’m hooked. Hard to wait for the next book. thanks.

  8. I’m hooked. so hard to wait for the next book. Thanks.

  9. Hi, had to google you to see if you are a kiwi! As a proud born and bred kiwi had to say you have completely got it. Very impressed with your understanding of the kiwi lifestyle and what it means to be a kiwi. Thanks for the great stories but also promoting my amazing country. To everyone reading this – yes NZ is as amazing as it sounds…. I have travelled a lot but feel so lucky to have NZ as my home. Thanks Rosalind – great writer and great insight. Looking forward to your future books.

  10. I have to Thank You very much. I love to read and I’m always looking for good books, but I have to say I have loved your books. You make me want to move to NZ. The country sounds so beautiful and the people seem to really love and respect other people and their beliefs with so much passion. I hope there will be more books from there. I also am hoping to be able to take a long visit there in a couple of years. I love your passion you put in your stories,and Thank You again.

  11. Hi Rosalind. I just finished your Escape to New Zealand series and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was surprised to read your Bio and see that you weren’t actually a native of the country because you seemed to bring it to life through the pages of your books. Not that I would actually know anything about New Zealand since I’m from Canada (Edmonton, Alberta actually – just a few hours north of Calgary where your Allie in “Just My Luck” is from) but It sure sounds like a wonderful place to visit (have to add it to my bucket list). The other reason I’m writing this note to you today is that I was trying to find your books on Kobo for some of my friends. When I find an author I like, I gift them with books on their devices and they all have Kobo e-readers. Kindles weren’t easily available here until recently (mine was purchased in the US and gifted to me several years ago). I read in one of your earlier posts that you are exclusive to Amazon — do you have any plans to expand in future? If so, do you any ideal when? I can keep an eye out for your books and gift them to my friends at that time. Alternatively, do you have paperback copies available in any retail stores here? Again, loved the series and would love to share it!
    (P.S. Your rugby players remind me of our beloved Canadian Hockey Players — hockey being our national obsession much the same as rugby is in NZ).

  12. Tricia Christiansen says:

    Just discovered your Escape to New Zealand series and I love them. So enjoying the stories and have learned so much about New Zealand. The books are a wonderful combination of story and history. Well done.

  13. I absolutely love your NZ books! I’ve read them multiple times and am going to be starting to read them again. Because of these books I changed my graduation trip destination from Ireland to NZ. It’s got to be a little extreme to plan a trip to somewhere for 2 years but everything I research and come across makes me wish that it would be a permanent trip instead of a vacation. I can’t wait to see what you put in the next books, if there are going to be more.

    • Well, you know, that’s what they make the Working Holiday visa for! (They have it in Australia too.) I sure love both countries. And, yes, at least one more NZ book, I’m pretty sure.

      Thank you for telling me you enjoyed the books. I really appreciate it.

      • It’s just hard to do a Working Holiday with a husband and 2 kids. Depending on how much I like it, I’m pretty sure I’ll try to convince my husband to move there. Ultrasound technicians are needed all over the world, right? 🙂

  14. Kia Ora, Just read your first book about NZ. Had to check on this website to find if you are a kiwi living in the US or an American in NZ. Well done. Its lovely to read about my home and picture the places you are writing about. I have been to the pinnacles on a number of occaisions. Its a lovely walk that takes about 2-3 hours up and a bit less on the way down. My grandchildren of 5 and 3 managed it easily and enjoyed the Pinnacles hut for a sleep over. Good warning about the rips around some of our beaches. Do try to swim between the flags . We have some fantastic scenery here and love to show it to our visitors. Looking forward to the next two books. Take care. Haere Ra

    • I’m so flattered that you had to check! I don’t get everything right, but I try to do the country justice, because I do love it.

      You’re right, I took a little poetic license to make the Pinnacles walk a bit harder than it is (though that last bit with all the stairs & ladders is pretty daunting). Also, to a non-Kiwi, the things you hilariously call “tracks,” especially the things you call “easy walks,” make an American (or even a Pom, well, maybe especially a Pom, LOL), say, “huh?” I’ve been on a few of those!

      Also been caught in a couple rips–very scary experiences. Not as bad as Hannah’s, but it wasn’t hard to write that.

      Thanks again for reaching out and telling me that you enjoyed the book!

  15. Hi – A friend told me about your books and I was very interested in reading them. Unfortunately they are on Amazon kindle only and I don’t have that version of e-reader. Is there way I may be able to read them? I also tried looking on smash words.com but didn’t see any listings there either. Any suggestions? Advice?
    Hopeful reader-fan

  16. Ruby Corgan says:

    Hello! First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing with all of us these marvelous stories. I have never been in New Zealand, but that’s going to change: I am already planning a trip over there. After reading your books I became a fan of rugby (and Haka) , and I would like to ask you if any of the present (or former) all blacks players were inspiration for these great boys you worte about. Cheers ! Wish you all the best.

    • That’s great that you’re planning a trip! I hope you’ll find it as wonderful as I have. As for the rugby boys: The only similarities are the position in society and the pressure on those guys, not just to perform but also to be “regular guys.” I did think a lot about the extra pressure, the visibility, and the tremendous workload on the All Blacks captain, and (for Koti) what it’s like when a NZ athlete just can’t HELP but be a “tall poppy,” in looks and talent. And also (for Finn) was intrigued by the contrasts in several current and former ABs who are considered “hard men” on the field, but known for being really good guys and dedicated family men off the field. That’s about it!

  17. Cyndee McM says:

    I just finished “Just My Luck” this morning…and had tears in my eyes as I read the last line! I have enjoyed all five of these stories immensely. Not only have you told romantic stories involving complex characters, but you have beautifully interwoven the culture of NZ. I love history and learning about other cultures, and I want to say thanks for introducing me to all things “En Zed.” I think my second reading of your books will have to include the soundtrack of Maori music and the replays of the haka!

  18. Lisa Brophy says:

    I stumbled on Just This Once a few weeks while looking for something to read on the Kindle Library and well…I have read all five of the books since then and a few of them more than once! Each book seemed to be better than the next. I am wondering if you plan to write another one in this series?

    • Wow, thank you! I love hearing that people enjoyed them! I do think I have one or two more NZ books left in me. Right now I’m working on the next “Kincaids” book, and I’m loving the story (well, I’m actually required to, so that doesn’t tell you too much), but a NZ book will be next!

  19. I’ve read and LOVED all of your books. When is the next Kincaid book coming out? Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment.

    • Thank you for telling me! That’s exactly what I write for, and it means a lot to know you enjoyed them. I have Alec’s story growing ever-more-insistent in my head, these past few days. Probably . . . early November? (Since I haven’t written ONE WORD yet, it’s a little hard to say! But that’s about how long it takes.)

  20. A. Owen says:

    This series has just been a delight to me! I must confess to having read them all 2x now. Each one takes you away on the most fantastic, exotic and fabulous vacation. Thank you for your wonderful stories! And keep writing, please! LOVE the books!! And thanks to you, NZ is on the top of my vacation must-visit spots!

  21. Jane Koch says:

    I stumbled across your book by accident looking for something to download onto my kindle, having lived 5 years in New Zealand both in Wellington and Auckland I could picture myself there as the story unfolds, shall look forward to the next installment

  22. I absolutely love your books! I had a taste from Amazon in Just this once and I had to have more! I will definitely seek out all of your writings! I like how you build the story then start the relationship and where I normally thought the ending would be soon I realized it was only at the half! I loved that in each book so far! Thank you for providing me with my guilty pleasure and keeping me coming back for more!

  23. I stumbled upon your books when looking for some relaxing reading recently. Well done Amazon! I, too, fell in love with New Zealand and our family is planning to relocate there in a few years. I love reading about the places I have been and those I have yet to see. The rugby aspect is so much fun (my husband owns a few All Blacks items). Most importantly, I love how you incorporate Maori culture. I currently live in Hawai’i and have a deep affinity for Native cultures. Hawaiian and Maori share so many commonalities. It is a joy to not just read your novels, but to experience them. Thank you for writing romance novels with a cultural theme!

  24. I love all four escape to new zealand books! I want more 🙂 For many years while raising my kids and working two jobs I didn’t have time to read for pleasure. I’ve struggled keeping an interest to get through a whole book in the last few years. Well these books held my interest and I couldn’t wait to have time to spend reading. Thank you for writing such great books, I’m looking forward to more.

  25. Jennifer Hall says:

    These books are amazing Rosalind! I’m half way through Just For Fun having read the other three and I’m starting to panic about what’s going to keep me company on my London tube journeys each day. I love all of your characters and story lines, especially Hannah & Drew and Koti & Kate. I’m well in to Nic’s character and willing him and Emma to get together (don’t spoil it for me anyone!)
    I hope you’re planning to write another series, I feel like I know the characters and would love to carry on getting snippets of how they’re doing. I love it when each of the characters pop up in each of the stories, it’s like hearing of an old friend.
    Keep up the great story telling, you’ve turned me in to a book worm 🙂 (and an idealist when it comes to men!)

    • Rosalind James says:

      That’s so great to hear! Thank you! I’m working on the first book in a new U.S. series right now (and I mean RIGHT NOW, this minute.) Going to NZ next month, so I’ll be interspersing the two series for another book or two. That’s the plan, anyway!
      (And I’m an idealist too, I guess. I sure don’t have any desire to read or write a romance with a hero who isn’t a great guy.)

  26. Stacy Russell says:

    I have absolutely loved this New Zealand Rugby series…please tell me there are more coming? I have new interest now:) New Zealand and rugby. The romance is so sweet and your entire descriptions of New Zealand and surrounding areas let me escape (as any good book should allow). Please keep up the “great” work and I hope to see more Rosalind James books loaded on my ‘overworked’ Kindle.

    Oh yeah….wished I had seen the All Black video before I read this group — these guys are really hot — maybe a good thing I didnt.

    • Thank you so much! And yeah, you can see how, after watching a whole All Blacks + World Cup season of the haka in NZ, I had to write some books. I’m writing a U.S.-based book right now–first in a new series–but going back to NZ in March for a few months to get “inspired” again. (Coincidentally, I’ll be there for the Super 15 season!)
      If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love it if you’d review one or more of the books on Amazon. Reviews help a lot. Even if not, though, I sure appreciate your taking the trouble to write and tell me you enjoyed them. Made my day!

  27. I don’t know how I stumbled upon “Just this Once”, but I’m so glad that I did. I absolutely loved it. I love your writing style and the fact that you switch between points of view. I have to say that “Just Good Friends” drew me in even more. I love Kate and Koti as characters…such depth and strength, especially Kate. It’s so refreshing to read about a strong, independent woman and the fact that’s why he loves her makes it all the better. Can’t wait to read “Just for Now”!

    I would love to see your books on the big screen. Any chance of that happening? Oh and please keep writing!!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! Hah, if Hollywood comes calling I won’t say no. (Can’t say as they have yet, though!)
      If you’re OK with it, I’d love it if you’d review “Just Good Friends” on Amazon and say what you just told me. (If not, that’s OK too.) I’m so glad you liked Kate. I loved writing a character who has an experience that frightening, and whose reaction is to get angry and refuse to let it limit her. I wish I were as tough as she is! And their relationship, of course, was a total kick to write. I’d be laughing out loud as Kate was giving Koti yet another smackdown. 🙂
      “Just for Now” is a very different book–I’ll be interested to hear what you think of that one. I like going in a different direction with each book–and it’s even better if my readers enjoy the ride as well! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

  28. Christine Ward says:

    Just finished “Just This Once” and loved it. Hannah’s insecurities reminded me soooo much of my younger self. Your description of EnZed and the rugby also seemed so authentic I thought for sure the author must be a Kiwi! Loved the glossary of terms at the back of the book, as well. My lifelong dream is to travel to Australia and New Zealand. My sister’s been to Tahiti, Bora Bora, and EnZed, and NZ was her absolutely favorite destination. She just loved the people’s friendliness and lack of pretension. Have you considered purchasing a second there for visits? Until I go, in the meantime I will learn more about it and get the real feel for it from sources like your books. Moving on to the other books soon. Have downloaded samples of both on my Kindle, so it’s just a matter of choosing! Thanks so much for your wonderful stories of down-to-earth people with real talents, dreams, heartaches, and aspirations! Love them!

    • Thanks so much, Christine! Nope, not a Kiwi, just somebody who lived in Australia & NZ for a few years and paid attention, I hope! A few Kiwis have kindly told me I pretty much got it right, which greatly relieved my mind. And you bet I’ve considered purchasing a second home in NZ. Going back in a couple months to stay 2-3 months, and that is the dream…. We’ll see…. And if you liked the book, I’d LOVE it (if you’re comfortable doing it) if you wrote a review on Amazon and said so. As far as another book to read, I think it depends on your taste. “Just Good Friends” is pretty snarky and sexy, “Just for Now” is more gentle and heartwarming, and “Just for Fun” is a little bit of everything! There you go, a pocket guide to my books!

      • Christine Ward says:

        Hi Rosalind,
        Ha! I’ve read all four, and enjoyed each of them. I’ll be happy to review them on Amazon for you. Please tell me there’s another book in the works!? I’ve said this elsewhere on your site, but I love the way your writing “takes me away” and I am able to clearly visualize the people and the surroundings in your stories. Your character dialog is also very authentic – they speak like normal people. Every once in awhile I’ll be taken aback (with certain writers) whose dialog doesn’t ring true because real people don’t talk pretentiously. But I could hear myself speaking your characters’ dialog, and it just makes them relatable (sp?), which I really enjoyed. All I have to say is, I hope you’re busy writing the next story in the NZ series!!!!

        • Christine Ward says:

          P.S. Thoroughly enjoyed the Kiwi glossary at the back of your books!

          • Well, thanks! The dialogue thing is probably because my people talk in my head like crazy–all i do is transcribe! Good thing I write books; otherwise I’m sure I’d have been diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder by now, there are so many people yappin’ away in there . . . And I’ll be working on the next NZ book once I’m back there–mid-March, yay! Meanwhile working on a U.S. book that is a lot of fun too.

  29. Heather Hobman says:

    I had to google to check you were not from New Zealand half way through the first book. As it kiwi it is often hard to find a book written by an author from a different country that doesn’t just gloss over a tiny bit or Māori Culture with little reference to the Tikanga behind it. I’m not sure we all as Rugby mad as you make us sound (My husband plays Rugby League – I have to say that).
    Some of your American players are not too hard to look at however, I got a quick perve during the World Cup while they we staying in Whanganui.
    Thanks for the great reads!

    • Thanks, Heather! Nothing makes me happier than hearing from Kiwis that I got it (mostly) right! I loved New Zealand so much, it really matters to me that I represent it faithfully in my books. I laughed about your getting a perve at the American team!

      If you’re comfortable doing it, I’d LOVE it if you wrote a (can be very, very short) review on Amazon just to say I got the Kiwi part right. And if not, that’s OK too. Thanks again for letting me know you enjoyed the books.

  30. Karla Diaz says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful series . I have read all four books which is called by me ” Just for series”. Thanks for the great read . I am looking forward to another in this fantastic series , how about on Kevin ( is reflected as a caring one in book 1 and 2 .

    Thanks again and I am looking forward to more great reads.

    • Thanks, Karla! I like your title :). You know, so many people have asked me for Kevin’s story. I’m going to have to give that some thought.

      If you feel comfortable doing it, I’d love it if you did an (honest, of course!) review on Amazon for one or more of the books. But if not, no worries. Many thanks for letting me know you liked the books.

  31. I just finished reading “Just this Once”. I couldn’t put the book down! The characters are great. Drew is amazing!! Great romance story to get lost in. THANK YOU for a great read. I look forward to reading your other books.

    • Thank you so much, Sharon! That is wonderful to hear, and I really appreciate your taking the trouble to tell me. And as it happens, Book 4, “Just for Fun,” was just published today!

  32. I stumbled across your books on Amazon last week and have now devoured all 3. In fact I finished the last one while watching the All Blacks loose to England on the weekend (oh the horror!). As a kiwi living in the UK I’m always glad for reminders of home and you write about NZ so wonderfully. I’m very much looking forward to the next installment (only 3 days to go, woo hoo!). Keep up the good work! As a proud Cantabrian, however, I am compelled to point out the obvious: the best-looking, most talented rugby players are in the Crusaders, not the Blues… 😉

    • Rosalind James says:

      Haha, you are, of course, RIGHT. But there are 2 things: (1) it’s fiction! I have to make SOMETHING up! and (2) I lived in Auckland, not Christchurch, so I had to use the Blues! I’ll be living on the South Island for a bit, though, this (Southern Hemisphere) fall, so maybe I can make you happier . . . And THANK YOU for the kind words about the books. That was what made me the most nervous: whether I could do New Zealand and the Kiwi way of life justice. I’m so glad that you thought I did. And yes, it was so sad to see the AB’s lose. And so funny, in a thoroughly NZ way, to hear the shock and dismay it occasioned. They’re already worrying that this means the All Blacks will lose to England at the next World Cup! Only 100% is good enough.

  33. Loved all 3 books. I live in Ohio, but for 3 years I lived in Taupo, New Zealand while my husband was designing Jack Nicklaus golf course in Kinloch (right outside Taupo). We loved living in New Zealand as my son was 9 and my daughter 1 when we moved there. The people and charm are nothing you can imagine until you live there. We have been home now for 6 yrs and I miss it terribly and still have many wonderful friends there. The way you wrote the book, the language they use and the places excited me due to knowing everything you talked about!!! Can’t wait for the next book!

    • So glad you liked them, Brandie! That must have been wonderful. I know exactly what you mean about missing NZ terribly. It is a great place. We’ll be back there in a few months, I think–can’t wait! Best, Rosalind

  34. I so loved all three. Read all of them in 4 days. Couldn’t put down. Thank you so much. Judy

    • Rosalind James says:

      Thank YOU–and for letting me know! I’m so glad you enjoyed them. Book 4 should be making its appearance in about a month!

  35. Well, I have to say, I loved “Just This Once”! Great story, great characters, fascinating New Zealand backdrop, and a rivetingly emotional ending. No surprise that you’ve been to “EnZed” and absolutely loved the place; it shows in your writing. I was afraid I might have to know the ins and outs of rugby to appreciate the story, but people should know that’s not necessary at all. It’s really all about Hannah and Drew discovering each other — and Hannah finally understanding herself — in this amazingly beautiful country that most of the rest of the world knows very little about. And the fact that you’ve got two more books out is just icing on the cake. Will be reading “Just Good Friends” next. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed “Just This Once.”

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